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An Egg Hunt, A Discount, A Game, & A Favorite Thing

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  • By Catherine O'Rourke & Mabel Fischer
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An Egg Hunt, A Discount, A Game, & A Favorite Thing

March has been packed with tastings, holidays, and a general bustle. It's nice!  

We filled our window with shades of green and brown, stitched linens from Grandma, and a few purple glow-globes for good measure. 
The board features Max Ehrmann's “Desiderata”. It's old and a little long, but we like it. 
Here we are on the other side of winter, remembering that we are all children of the universe, that love is “as perennial as the grass".
The green grass that is breaking through the brown March mud as we write this, as you read this, as everything starts to feel new again. 


Spring Discount & Annual Egg Hunt



We're Hopping Toward The Weekend 

with 10% off 6 & More Bottles of wine

 3/28 - 4/1

We will be open from 12-4 pm on Easter Sunday
 (delivering from 2-4 pm). Otherwise, it's business as usual!
Our Egg Hunt will run from noon this Saturday, 3/30, through closing time on Sunday, 3/31. We welcome kids (of all ages ;-)) to seek out pastel eggs hidden in nooks and crannies throughout the shop. 


A Jar of Peanuts & April Wine Tastings

Dolly does this thing where she walks on the ledge of the zig-zag ramp from Shore Road down to the park. We think she's practicing her circus act.
To celebrate our little tightrope walker, there's a jar full of peanuts at the shop - how many are in there?
Strategize, math it out, submit your guess by 4/20.
A springy prize awaits the winner!
Speaking of fun, find our April tasting schedule in the link below…


What We're Sipping On

Crémant d'Alsace Brut NV Domaine Camille Braun

Organic, Biodynamic

Alsatian wines are brilliant and underrated and this bottling is no exception- you'll find notes of green apple and pear with a touch of bready goodness from a generations-old family winery currently run by Chantal and Christophe Braun. This is a blend of Pinot Blanc and its cousin, Auxerrois, made méthode champenoise (here's a tricky trick- when a sparkling wine from France says “Crémant” before the name of a region, it means it's made using the same technique as Champagne with the second fermentation happening in the bottle- these are often quality sparkling wines of great value!). The Brauns are based in the tiny village of Orschwihr, rich with layers of ancient soil variation and protected from severe weather by the Vosges Mountains. Technically part of France since the end of WWI, Alsace is culturally quite Germanic. The region has seen its fair share of conflict over the centuries, yet remains a place of color, hope, kindness, and definitely deliciousness.



Team Cellary


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