About Us


We are here to share the stories of the little guys, the wines largely unheard of. We believe that wine is so much more than, well, wine...it’s everything that goes into its production, everything that has come before it, and the anticipation of everything that will come after. Wine is agriculture, it is art, it is a delightful way to add pleasure and texture to a day.

We operate with respect for the growers and the makers, with curiosity of the resulting product, and with a goal of introducing and integrating interesting and pleasurable wine experiences into our lifestyle.

We encourage Cellary customers to feel empowered in their wine discovery- there isn’t a right or a wrong, there isn’t anyone who magically knows everything about wine, it’s all about slowing down, taking it one wine at a time, paying attention to what you’re experiencing, and enjoying the ride.



Prerak was introduced to the wines of Piemonte, Italy during a trip there in the fall of 2018. It was truffle season and the wines were right. He visited small producers and was inspired by their stories and devotion to their purpose. Energized by this experience, the idea of Cellary was incepted with a mission to share the story, history, passion and meticulousness of both known and unknown winemakers around the world. Prior to Cellary, Prerak held several technology leadership roles and advised tech startups. With Cellary, he intends to bring technology to the exploration of wine... without losing its heart and soul.


Catherine landed in the tiny town of Oakville in California’s Napa Valley in the Fall of 2006. She hadn’t traveled there in pursuit of a career in wine, but eventually came to it… slowly and very surely. While there she had the chance to complete the first level in the Court of Master Sommeliers which permanently changed her focus. She was deeply taken with wine and the way it speaks of history, geography, geology, humanity. This beginning evolved into years of experience in the import and distribution side of the industry along with a few more certifications and some dabbling in restaurants as well as her favorite realm- retail- where you get to meet so many different people, exchange stories, share suggestions, and influence the making of memories. In her eyes, that’s what it’s all about.  Catherine's husband, Brendan, and wiggly Boston Terrier, Wendy, are regular helpers with many a shopkeeping task.


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